Digital twins built on a foundation of geography (geospatial digital twins) provide a virtual representation of reality offering greater context to solve business challenges, reduce risk, optimize operational efficiencies and enhance decision-making.

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What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world, including physical objects, processes, relationships and behaviours. Built on a foundation of geography, geospatial digital twins provide greater context to solve business challenges by creating relationships and streamlining workflows.

GIS-based digital twins go beyond 3D models to accurately represent complex systems and reflect change over time. By creating holistic digital representations, they improve business processes, reduce risk, optimize operational efficiencies and enhance decision-making.

What is digital twin

The power of data amplified

Dynamic, interactive visualizations unite vast amounts of data from sources including business systems, sensors and information models to deliver an unmatched holistic view of assets, operations and possibilities. 

Data capture and integration

Make the right decisions, discover new patterns and unlock your data's potential with real-time information and an authoritative network. Use interactive models built with precise location data and other essential inputs such as building information to answer critical questions.

Real time and visualisation image

Unite diverse datasets, improve information sharing, eliminate data silos and increase internal and external engagement with spatial context to build a mature digital twin. Leverage advanced capabilities including information transparency and dynamic visual communication to support project delivery.  

Share and collaborate image

Analyze and make accurate predictions using powerful statistical, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence methods. Leverage comprehensive models to show how plans and ideas would impact places, people, and the bottom line in a risk-free, virtual environment.

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