Improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities with location intelligence. Reduce or remove reliance on paper and ensure field and office staff use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity and save money.

Digitally transform your field operations

Field Operations

Adopt modern workflows

Eliminate paper-based processes

Field Operations

Boost data accuracy

Obtain accurate, reliable and accessible data

Field Operations

Save time and money

Optimise efficiency in field operations

Field Operations

Gain location perspective

Allocate resources to deliver maximum impact

Field Operations

Monitor status in real time

Use visually-rich dashboards to inform decisions

To find out how to deploy maps and apps for field operations within your organization, get in touch with a technical specialist.

Purpose-built apps working together

Organisations of all types find numerous advantages from a suite of mobile apps that support their field activities in connected or disconnected environments. These easy-to-use apps can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution or behind your firewall.


Get the office and the field working in unison. Leverage the power of location to understand where work needs to be done and effectively coordinate and dispatch resources. Your existing authoritative data is the backbone on which field activity planning is done. 

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Your data, your roads — even while offline. Consistently meet deadlines by using the most efficient routes so you can arrive on time and get the job done. Drivers keep their eyes on the road by using voice-guided routing that even considers the type of vehicle being driven and road restrictions along the route.

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Take your organization's digital maps with you, anywhere and anytime. Use a current map to find assets and areas of interest or to see what is in the surrounding area. Promote your spatial awareness and understanding when performing inspections, responding to natural disasters or engaging in other activities that benefit from spatial context.

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Replace outdated paper-based workflows with digital solutions that enable field workers to easily perform accurate data collection and asset inspections in any environment. Easy-to-use location-aware apps enable workers of all experience levels to capture field data and immediately feed it into your system of record, streamlining life cycle management and supporting informed decision-making.

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Easy-to-understand dashboards and maps support informed decision-making at a glance. Communicate the status of field operations to managers by monitoring, tracking and reporting real-time data feeds, location tracks and activities that focus on what matters most. Present maps and dashboards to let communities know about activities and events that impact them.

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Location sharing

Know what happens in the field. Enable those in the field to share their location tracks so you can know where everyone is and where they have been. Location tracking is a capability of ArcGIS that can be realized through multiple solutions. For field personnel, tracking can be accomplished through a mobile app that is controlled entirely by the user. Authorized managers and supervisors can use a web app to visualize and analyze track data to better allocate field personnel to areas of need and to support more effective management of field activities.



Sharing information can be critical to the success of a project. Whether collaborating as a single team or with multiple organisations, the ability to scale to the specific needs of your situation is easily accomplished within a single system. Easily control data access to internal and external stakeholders, so everyone has only the information they need.

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To find out how to deploy maps and apps for field operations within your organization, get in touch with a technical specialist.