ENVI SARscape lets you process and analyze spaceborne and airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data to create products such as DEMs or surface deformation maps. Access ENVI SARscape analytics in ArcGIS Pro – taking data from hard-to-interpret numbers to clear, contextual information.

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Process and analyze SAR data

ENVI SARscape modules integrate with ENVI to give you the added benefits of image analysis tools and SAR processing functionality in one package.

Analyze the intensity

With processing capabilities including the Focusing Module and Gamma and Gaussian Filter Module you can quickly and easily prepare your imagery for analysis and visualization.

Analyze the phase

State-of-the-art methodology generates accurate and detailed surface and terrain height products able to detect centimetre-scale displacements over time spans from days to years.

Analyze the phase-time series

Combining Persistent Scatterers and Small Baseline Subset approaches, it's possible to analyze deformation phenomena that effects both extended and localised structures.

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