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Course Duration Jun 2024 Jul 2024 Aug 2024 Sep 2024 Oct 2024  Nov 2024
3D Visualization and Analytics Fundamentals​ 1 day   Jul 7th   Sep 15th    
Analysis and modelling in ArcGIS Pro 1 day Jun 16th     Sep 22nd    
ArcGIS Enterprise: Configuring a Base Deployment​ 1 day         Oct 20th  
Deep Learning Using ArcGIS Image​ Analyst 1 day     Aug 18th      
Field Data Mastery: Apps and Operations Dashboard Training 1 day Jun 2nd     Sep 1st    
Get Started with ArcGIS Urban and ArcGIS CityEngine 1 day     Aug 25th      
Get started with branch versioning 1 day            
Getting Started with Spatial Analysis​ 2 days            
GIS for Climate Resilience​ 1 day   Jul 21st     Oct 28th  
Imagery Analysis with ArcGIS Pro​ 1 day Jun 16th          
Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Essential Workflows​ 1 day   Jul 1st   Sep 8th    
Manage GIS data by building geodatabase 1 day Jun 9th       Oct 6th  
Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro​ 1 day     Aug 4th   Oct 2nd  
SDG-focused GIS Training: Mapping Sustainable Futures 1 day     Aug 11th      
Sharing Contents with AGOL​ 1 day   Jul 14th